'stage geographies'
date: 24 Feb 2013


Duo-exhibition ‘stage geographies’: Ine Lamers and Anneke A. de Boer

27 February to 31 March 2013

Krasnoyarsk Museum Center

Krasnoyarsk, Russia



At the invitation of the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, the Dutch artists Ine Lamers and Anneke A. de Boer will present a duo-exhibition entitled ‘stage geographies’.


‘stage geographies’ consists of photography, sound- and video works created during residencies in the US (De Boer) and in the Russian Federation (Lamers). The artists developed projects in the post-industrial cities of Detroit and Krasnoyarsk in which they worked intensively with their residents. The pieces in the exhibition enter into dialogue with one another.

stage geographies’ focuses on engagement with the cultural and geographical ‘other’ and on the meaning of collective and individual identity. The exhibition aims at providing a multi-layered reflection on a core value of the human condition.

Extensive research forms the indispensable basis for the projects by Lamers and De Boer. Concepts such as performance and role playing, staging, audience and outsider position are integral elements of their working methods, which consequently find formal expression in the exhibition.


The point of departure for Ine Lamers’ long-term photography and video projects in Russia is the Russian society in post ideological times, resonating the declined collective ideal. Lamers looks for stories and traces of the former communist utopia. She finds inspiration in material from private and cultural archives, and frequently appropriates the images and texts in her productions.

In Krasnoyarsk, Lamers presents her video installation ‘Ochered’ (‘The Queue’).

‘Ochered’ was recorded in the auditorium of the Museum Center with a group of young amateur actors. Filmed in a neo-realist style, the work shows a public reading of fragments 

of the eponymously titled dialogue novel by Vladimir Sorokin from 1983. Examples of Soviet slang and jokes of ordinary folk are taken out of their anonymity and acquire a body and face.

Photographs of the inaccessible landscape around the closed city of Zheleznogorsk flank the video installation. They form evidence of Lamers’ circumventing movement along the boundaries of this ‘gated socialist community’.


‘The individual’ is the starting point in the work of Anneke A. de Boer. Her work explores ways in which people shape their own identity through interaction. By making use of methods from social psychology and cinematography, De Boer questions the concept of ‘the self’ and studies personal identity versus social identity.

In the installation ‘if someone is going to play my part’ participants present descriptions of themselves. In the process they indirectly reveal the larger social and political context to which they relate. The multimedia installation comprises printed texts, audio interviews and video observations, that call to mind casting calls.

In Krasnoyarsk De Boer will continue her project ‘if someone is going to play my part’ and collaborate with Russian participants.


With this exhibition, Ine Lamers and Anneke A. de Boer will hold a master class on location.


The exhibition and residency were made possible in part with financial support from the Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam. In addition, the exhibition was made possible by the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center.



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