2017 Digital Booklet, About acting (ongoing), different perspectives on the concept of acting, with transcripts, statements of interviews, images, sourches from different disciplines. 
2012 Booklet 'Ferngespräch', images: I. Lamers and A. A. de Boer, text: S. Feucht, I. Lamers and A. A. de Boer, German and English, Publisher: Das Esszimmer, Bonn, DE
2011 Exhibition cahier 'And I think I prefer that side of it', text and images: Ine lamers and Anneke A. de Boer, 2011.
2008 Booklet R k n str-k sh n; a collaboration with Guido Marsille, text and photographs, 2008
2006 Anneke a. de Boer, article, ‘scripted spaces', 2006
2005 Publication, ‘performed’, images: works students, texts: Anneke A. de Boer, results of a serie of workshops; ‘space and individuality’, 50 pages, english, 34 copies, Xiamen University Jiageng, 2005
1997 Anneke a. de Boer, essay, 'Beckett and film': Becketts fragmentary storytelling and the film-editing as conflict (Eisenstein), 7 pages, Dutch, Rotterdam, 1997
1995 Anneke a. de Boer, essay, ‘taal en beeld' (Wittgenstein), 15 pages, Dutch, Enschede, 1995. Published at E-zine: blue-turns-grey, 2008