2023 'GRAW open studio', Rotterdam, NL
2020 ’20 Years and 2 Metres from Vada’, Audio piece of Jaki Irvine, with sound excerpts from Gary Hill: Why Do Things Get in a Muddle (Come on Petunia) 1984; Tacita Dean: The Story of Beard, 1992; Adam Chodzko: Nightvision, 1998; Anneke A. de Boer: Black Pianino (1997); David Fischli & Peter Weiss: Der Lauf der Dinge [The Way Things Go)(1987) and conversation excerpts with Lívia Páldi, commissioned and produced by Project Arts Centre, IE
2015 Videoscreening, with filmworks from tutors and students from the International Summer Academy Dresden, Motorenhalle, Dresden, DE
2015 'At the same Place by Coincidence', studios Borgerstraat, Rotterdam.
2015 "Identity and the Self", RAMfoundation, Rotterdam.
2013 'Stage geographies', (duo) with Ine Lamers, PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, RU
2013 Motorenhalle-Projektzentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Dresden, DE
2013 'Stage geographies', (duo), with Ine Lamers, Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre, Krasnoyarsk, RU
2012 'Ferngespräch' (duo), with Ine Lamers, Das Esszimmer, Bonn, DE
2011 'From the heart', Bergkerk, Deventer
'And I think I prefer that side of it' (duo), with Ine Lamers, Pictura, Dordrecht.
2009 'Performing Evidence', curated by Anke Bangma, with: Guy Ben Ner, Anneke A. de Boer, Ian Charlesworth, Rod Dickinson, Harun Farocki and historical documents from the collections of the Filmmuseum, Amsterdam; Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam; Museum Dr. Guidlain, Gent, Belgium; Wellcome Trust, London, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam.   
2009 'Cine Animal', screening at Cristina Enea: Institute for Environmental Research, San Sebastian, ES
2008 'She likes to drink her coffee black' (solo), Projectspace Centre for Visual Arts, Nijmegen.
2007 'Playing Undetermined Roles', (solo) Konstföreningen Aura, Lund, SE
'After The News', BankART1929, Yokohama, JP
2006 'DiStilled/siradandan yansiyanlar', K2 Contemporary Art Center, Izmir, TR
'Orde en chaos', Artstore Rotterdam, Groot Handelsgebouw, Rotterdam.
'Black Pianino', Sophia-Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam.
2005 'Surface' (solo), Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, CN
'Running and falling - actress and stuntwoman' (solo), Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen.
2003 ‘Your memorabilia’, NICAF, 8th Art Fair Asia/The Tokio International Forum, among others: Johan Grimonprez, Susan Hiller, Seifollah Samadian, Fiona Tan and Uri Zaig, Tokio, JP
‘Hypnose’: screeningprogramm, Les Laboratoires d’ Aubervilliers, Paris, FR
2002 ‘The People’s Art’, Witte de With, Rotterdam.
‘Ontplooid’, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede.
2001 ‘Three Minutes Silence’, International Art Exchange Exhibition, by Gallery Surge, Tokio, JP
‘Annarations’, Witte de With, with Fow Pyng Hu, Gabriel Lester and Pia Wergius, Rotterdam.
‘From here to reality’, Gallery Index, with Jeroen Kooijmans, Germaine Kruip, Jan Rothuizen and Julika Rudelius, Stockholm, SE
‘A Arte Do Povo’, Central Eléctrica do Freixo, Porto, PT
2000 ‘4th Global Attic Festival’, Art and Complex, Rotterdam.
‘Somewhere near Vada’, Project Arts Centre, curated by Jaki Irvine, with works of Bas Jan Ader, Marcel Broodthaers, Adam Chodzko, James Coleman, Tacita Dean, Zoë Walker, Fischli & Weiss and Gary Hill, Dublin, IE
1999 ‘Organisation des alltags’, Künstlerhaus Mexx, Dortmund, DE
‘Series’, Wilhelminagasthuis, Amsterdam.
1998 Niggendijker, (solo), Groningen.
‘Simulation’, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam.
‘Fotobiënall’, Köln, Schnitt Ausstellingsraum, (duo), Cologne, DE
‘Sattelietprogramma’, (duo), Galerie Maurits van de Laar, The Hague.
1997 ‘East International 1997’, Museum Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, UK
‘Swarm’, Villa Alckmaer and Stichting Polaris, Rotterdam.
‘Jij bent nep’, (solo), Voorheen het Archief, The Hague.
1996 ‘Here I’am where are you’, part of Manifesta 1, Rotterdam.
‘Zu gast bei’, AnDer a.V. Müllheim, Müllheim, DE
1995 ‘Shaking patterns’, W139, Amsterdam.
‘Windkracht 10’, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Diepenheim.