Video, HD, color, 3.21 min., 2015


Multimedia installation, 2011/2013 

The multi- media installation “If someone is going to play my part”, shows the results of De Boer’s project, which was a research into roles and identity.

The work questions the concept of the selfIn this project De Boer uses the interview as a method to come closer to one’s mental world. The

questions explore what an actor should know in order to be able to play the interviewees. 


In the installation 'if someone is going to play my part', the viewer can perceive the other by listening to audio descriptions and by viewing performances on video.

The two media cannot be perceived simultaneously. The different ways of delivery and presentation evoke a crack in how we perceive the participants. 

blindfold | cover | telling a unique story | guide-dog | pretending | trump

Installation with two videoprojections, five videos on monitor, an audiopiece and a diagram with photographs, 2003/2009

A business training: the roles participants take on are not prescribed, but develop out of the group dynamics.

Database (2006-2009)


Installation, wooden construction, photographs, carpet, 2008

A work based on a newspaper article, which deals about the fact that politician XX routinely employs look-alikes to take his place at public appearances or to disguise his true whereabouts. 

photo and video installation, 2005
A girl's facial expression is filmed while she's watching television.

photo installation, 2005
Sitting in one room, three colleagues watch their favourite televisionprogramm, they are captured separately.

blow up | face | body | edits
photo installation of four parts, 2004
An analysis of the role, in which an actress and a stuntwoman perform in one film scene.

two colourphotographs, 2004
Casting process.

Filmwork in progress.