Installation with two videoprojections, five videos on monitor, an audiopiece and a diagram with photographs, 2003/2009

Wall: diagram with photographs and texts.                                              

Monitor right: NO1: Blindfold, video, 4:30 min                                         

Monitor right/middle: NO11: Pretending, video with audio, 11 min                

Monitor left: NO7:Guide-dog, video with audio, 21:30 min                     

Projection: NO4: Cover, video, 10 min



Concept and production: Anneke A. de Boer       

Assistance script/training: Titia Wolf

Camera: Tomas Stolk

Production Photos: Frank Hanswijk                                              

Assistance set: Marleen vd Weerd


Postproduction and presentation of the work in the exhibition Performing Evidence: with the financial support of DKC, Rotterdam.